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Sarless Vacuum Pro Hair Clipper
Model # SL-17

Powerful Vacuum
Captures 98% of the Hair

with vacuum arrows blue_edited.jpg
with arrow_edited.jpg
vacuum compartment_edited.jpg

3 Titanium Ceramic Blades

small box.jpg

Limit Comb Box

vacuum circle.jpg
battery circle.jpg
blade circle.jpg

Vacuum Compartment

Lithium Ion Battery

3 Titanium Ceramic
Cutter Hair Blades

run time.jpg

Silver PD Alloy Motor

3 Hour Charging

90 Minutes Runtime

back of box.jpg
front of box with vacuum shave clean on
frown shaving.jpg

Is shaving a "mess"?
Is shaving a "stress"?

That is not the way... we do it today..



front view_edited.jpg
shave clean1.jpg

NO    more "mess"
NO more  "stress"


Sarless Vacuum Pro Hair Clipper 
Model # SL-17

    For decades people from all over the world have been shaving their hair, in different ways. Shaving is no new project. It is one that everyone knows or experienced, or is experiencing it now. But, up until today, the meaning of shaving was a mess, stress, and something that had to be done with prior preparation, and had to be cleaned after. 

  With our new product, Sarless Pro Vacuum Hair Clipper, you will finally be "shaved clean" without "stress", and with "no mess".  Any time, at leisure, with no prior plans, you can just keep handy this vacuum hair clipper and use it to your convenience.

    This Sarless Vacuum Pro Hair clipper, is a customized  machine, that was produced at first now, Model SL-17. This model has been upgraded to a stronger suction motor, for stronger vacuum function, total 17,00rpm. Likewise, the battery has been maximized to 2200mAh lithium ion battery.


    In addition, every box includes additional 2 ceramic cutter head blades totaling to 3 titanium ceramic cutter head blades. 

     Additional limit combs box is available with limit comb attachments.


    With these upgraded features at this outstanding product, there is one more thing for you to do:

Order it, try it, use it, and enjoy it!   

3 Cutting Blades 0,000,1


17,000 Rpm Suction Strong Vacuum

limit combs

2mm, 3mm 6mm, 9mm

led light1

3 color led light for charging indicator

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